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Soothing Lotion
Soothing Lotion is the natural follow up of Soothing Milk. It removes any remaining traces, refreshes, tightens the pores, reconstitutes the skin’s hydro-lipidic protective coat and neutralizes the harmful effects of harsh water. Its high tolerance formula soothes the skin and tightens pores while rebalancing the skin’s pH level, leaving it fresher and healthier.
Contains matricaria-, cypress- and bitter orange flower water as well as extracts of aloe barbadensis leaf, opuntia ficus indica, orchid, lotus, edelweiss and licorice.

Apply twice a day after Soothing Milk.
Cleansing ! Soothing Milk
Cleansing ! Exfoliating Cream
Sensitive Skin ! Day Cream
Around the Eyes ! Eye Makeup Remover


Last modification: 05-06-15